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Giorgi Getsadze
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BC2 Wellhead

BC2 Wellhead

The BC2 Compact Wellhead offers a reduced installation time while improving operation safety.

It is avoided the need to nipple up BOPs every time a casing string is run, thus shortening the operation time when compared to the conventional wellhead system.

By combining several conventional spools

into one, the BSU Compact Wellhead reduces height and weight with saving in costs of the platform structure.

The BC2 Compact Wellhead system is a three-step through BOP stack design.

It is suitable for 20", 18.5/8", 13.3/8" surface casing.

Main features

  • BC2 Compact Wellhead body can be run through BOP/drilling riser system, oriented, landed and sealed inside a Starting Head.
  • Rig time to nipple up or down BOPs is eliminated shortening the operation time compared with the conventional wellhead system.

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