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Giorgi Getsadze
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Cage Central Chokes

Cage Central Chokes

The Cage Control Choke type BCC is designed to provide precise flow control throughout its entire operating range. This choke has a cage and an external sleeve trim and is suitable for single or multiphase liquid and gas service.

Typical applications include Christmas trees, manifold, water injection and gas lift. The standard flow characteristic is equal percentage, but upon request can be supplied also the linear characteristic. These valves can be easily converted from manual to actuated valves using an adapter flange and BREDA ENERGIA stepping actuator.

Design Code:

API 6A / ISO 10423

Standard Features:

The Cage with external sleeve design configuration directs flow through various sized ports opposite one another, forcing the flow to impinge upon itself within the nozzle, thus dissipating the fluid energy onto itself. With this design the turbulence and jetting are dissipated before flow enters the outlet, thus eliminating the typical problem of wear in the choke outlet. The Cage is the hardest component of the valve and typically is made from various grades of tungsten carbide. However, for less severe applications, other materials are available.

Option Features:

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