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Giorgi Getsadze
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BMC Compact Wellhead

BMC Compact Wellhead

The 13.5/8" nom. BMC Multistage wellhead system provides a great interchangeability of components to reduce inventory, same Pack-off are used for each stage.

The BMC Housing has a vertical bore with a single landing shoulder to suspend the required casing hangers and the tubing hanger.

In case of contingency a 5" or 5.1/2" casing can be installed in place of Tubing hanger by a mandrel hanger or a slip hanger.

Each annulus is selead by a pack-off provided with elastomeric seals which is locked inside the BMC housing by a snap ring.

Each annulus is provided with two studded outlets 2.1/16" rated at the wp of the BMC Housing, internally threaded for VRP.

A contingency system for casing suspension and annulus sealing is available.

The BMC Housing OD allows installation through Diverter/BOP and riser system.


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