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Giorgi Getsadze
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BSB Wellhead

BSB Wellhead

The BSB Wellhead is based upon a bowl design which hosts the BSMB slip-type casing hanger and the annular casing pack-off on indipendent shoulders.

The casing slips assembly is latched around the casing and lowered into the casing head. The annular pack-off is installed over the casing after the slips are set and the casing is cut off.

In addition to the standard BSB secondary packing group a selection of secondary seals and pack-off is available to meet special requirements.

Working pressure: up to 10000 psi (excluding Tubing Spool)

Temperature Range: -29°C +121°C

Casing Head Housing: type BSB

Casing Head Spools: tupe BSB

Casing Hangers: BSMB slip hanger, BSB mandrel hanger

Tubing Spools and Hangers: all types (see completion section)

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