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Giorgi Getsadze
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BS Wellhead

BS Wellhead

The BS Wellhead is based upon a straight bore bowl with a 45° shoulder to support casing loads.

Three configurations of casing slips assemblies are available depending upon application requirements.

The casing slip assembly is latched around the casing and lowered into the casing head after the cementing job.

In addition to the standard type GS secondary packing group a selection of secondary seals and pack-off is available to meet special requirements.

Working pressure: up to 10000psi (excluding tubing spool)

Temperature range: -29°C +121°C

Casing Head Housing: BS, BS-P, BS-A

Casing Head Spools: BS, BS-P, BS-A

Casing Hangers: BS, BS-M, BS-G, slip and seal assemblies

Tubing Spools & Hangers: all types (see completion section)

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