Giorgi Getsadze

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Giorgi Getsadze
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Control Panels

Control Panels

F.A.T.I. has gained extensive experience in the field of thyristor controls (SCR) for temperature regulation of electric heaters – from a few kW up to over 5 MW – used in industrial, chemical, petrochemical, geothermal and technical gas processes. All our products are developed on the customer’s instructions and in close collaboration with them and comply with CENELEC standards and / or any specific regulations required for international markets.

This experience then allowed us to tackle new issues and diversify the field of activity through collaborations:

• with energy producing customers, for development in the field of “alternative sources”;

• with Research Bodies and with one of the world’s leading plant builders, for the creation of prototypes in the sector of new technologies in the energy field.

Within our production certainly deserve a special mention:

• temperature control panels in the pollutant abatement processes (H2S – Hg) contained in gaseous fluids and in the hydrogen injection processes for fuel cells;

• complete process control systems in experimental plants for fuel cells,

• temperature control systems in the production of technical gases,

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