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Giorgi Getsadze
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Electric Exchangers

Electric Exchangers

The F.A.T.I. produces electric heat exchangers for heating any type of gas or liquid. In particular, exchangers can be supplied for:

• Demineralized fresh water;

• Diathermic oil and liquid hydrocarbons;

• Air or nitrogen;

• Natural gas, methane;

• Process gas of any type.

The dissipated power can vary up to reaching thousands of kW. The exchanger essentially consists of a heating bundle, whose connection housing can be in IP 40, IP 55, IP 65, IP 66 or IP 67, “explosion-proof” Ex d (ATEX and / or IECEx) execution, installed in a containment tank, which is designed and built according to the required legislation. A wide range of materials is foreseen both for the execution of the heating elements (Carbon steel, Stainless steel 304 (L), 316 (L) or 321, Inconel 600, Incoloy 800, etc.) and for the execution of the tank. Construction in accordance with the main laws / regulations in force: PED, ASME, TEMA, ADMERKBLATTER, STOOMWEZEN.