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Alessio Destefanis
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Special Executions

Special Executions

Starting from our range of standard motors with over 350 models up to 37 kW, we can develop new custom-made executions by taking action on each component.

with electric or mechanical customizations, following our customer’s specifications or fully designed by our technicians, fitting perfectly the needs of manufacturers.

EXAMPLES OF ELECTRICAL EXECUTIONS: • Windings (double impregnation, double speed rotation, encapsulation, insulation systems, double phase executions, tropicalization, voltages and frequencies for any market, VPI) • Encoder

EXAMPLES OF MECHANICAL EXECUTIONS: • Shafts (hollow shaft, ceramic coating, hardening, stainless steel and other special materials, splined shafts…) • Housings (upon drawing or made in any material) • Outcoming cables • Special flanges • Safety brakes • Gearboxes

STANDARDS AND REGULATIONS: • CSA/UL • UL 1446 insulation system • ECA • Reach • RoHs • SASO • ATEX (zone 22)

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