VP Client Acquisition

Fabio Caliandro

VP Client Acquisition

Fabio Caliandro
Proposted By GO-ON GROUP Buy Request

Industrial pump systems for the German, French, US and Saudi Arabian markets

We are currently seeking out manufacturers of industrial pump systems who are interested in offering their systems under their own brand identity in the areas where we are present, such as Germany, France, the USA, and Saudi Arabia.

There are many different types of industrial pumps, each designed for specific applications and fluid characteristics, with varying areas of application. Go-on Group has vast experience in many industrial sectors and applications of pump systems. Therefore, we are interested in all types of pumps including centrifugal, positive displacement, diaphragm, submersible, gear, screw, peristaltic, piston, progressive cavity, drum pumps, and more.

Lorenzo Bazzani
Gianluca Fossat
Giorgi Getsadze