VP Client Acquisition

Fabio Caliandro

VP Client Acquisition

Fabio Caliandro
Proposted By GO-ON GROUP Buy Request

Industrial Cables for the German, French, US and Saudi Arabian Markets

We are currently seeking manufacturers of industrial cable systems who are interested in offering their systems under their own brand identity in the regions where we operate, including Germany, France, the USA, and Saudi Arabia.

Industrial cables encompass a wide range of types, each tailored for specific applications and environmental conditions. At Go On Group, we have extensive experience across various industrial sectors and applications of cable systems. Therefore, we are interested in collaborating with manufacturers of all types of industrial cables, including power cables, data cables, control cables, fiber optic cables, instrumentation cables, and more.

We understand the importance of quality, reliability, and customization in industrial cable solutions, and we are committed to working closely with manufacturers to ensure that their products meet the unique needs of our clients in each market.

If your company specializes in the production of industrial cables and is interested in expanding your reach under your own brand identity, we would love to explore potential collaboration opportunities. Please feel free to reach out to discuss further.

Thank you for considering this opportunity.

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