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Mariam Sharman

Sales Representative

Mariam Sharman
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Waste-Treatment Plant Construction Work - Norway - GOG XP 007


The post-sorting facility, commissioned in 2019, suffered extensive damage due to a large fire in 2022. The affected area includes the reception hall, sorting hall, and technical wing over four floors, along with adjoining technical rooms and storage spaces. Equipped with NIR technology, the facility sorted residual waste and source-sorted paper waste into various categories. It comprised reception and sorting halls, stores for sorted materials, a washing/extruder hall, administration area, technical rooms, and equipment for Forus Energy Recovery.

Reconstruction Plan:

  1. Building Renovation: The facility will be renovated within the existing building. The reconstruction primarily focuses on replacing damaged areas and installing new equipment.
  1. Scope of Work: The reconstruction includes rebuilding the reception and sorting halls, technical wing, and adjoining rooms. The facility may prioritize sorting residue waste, with reduced emphasis on plastic fractions. The location for post-sorting source-sorted paper is yet to be determined.
  1. Safety Measures: Inergen extinguishing agents used during the fire will be replaced with water-based systems. The reconstruction will incorporate enhanced fire safety installations and coordination with all disciplines.
  1. Project Management: Coordination with stakeholders, consultants, and experts is critical. A fire consultant will be engaged to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations.

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