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Mariam Sharman

Sales Representative

Mariam Sharman
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Tender Opportunity – Polish Market - Supply of a Muffle Furnace


A research institute is seeking suppliers for the purchase of a muffle furnace. This procurement is conducted through an open procedure and aims to enhance the institute's laboratory capabilities. opportunity for suppliers specializing in industrial or laboratory furnaces to participate in a significant project funded by the EU, contributing to the modernization of a research laboratory.

Key Details:

• Contract Type: Supply of industrial or laboratory furnaces, incinerators, and ovens.

• Duration: The project is expected to be completed within 6 weeks.

• Award Criteria: The contract will be awarded based on the price.

Submission Requirements:

• Submission Method: Electronic submissions are required.

• Deadline: Tenders must be submitted by July 19, 2024, at 09:00 AM (UTC+2).

• Validity: Tenders must remain valid for 90 days from the submission deadline.


Project is partially funded by the European Union under a specific funding identifier.

Additional Information:

• The procurement documents and further details are available on a specified procurement platform.

• The opportunity does not have reserved participation and allows for electronic invoicing and payment.

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