Simpro S.p.A.

(France - Germany)

Founded in 1986, SIMPRO S.p.A. embarked on a path of continuous growth, to obtain an international reputation and trust of the most important car manufacturers in the world. Today it cooperates with the best automakers, providing them with intelligent solutions and high-efficient plants.

Flexibility, competence, innovation and high-quality service have made Simpro a worldwide leader in the turnkey supply of production and quality end-of-line engine and transmission testing system. It specialises in hot and cold test benches, leak test equipment, in cavity waxingtechnology, and relative conveyor systems and facilities.

Ten years ago, Simpro exported its automotive testing competence in railway industry, by producing one of the most important centres for experimental dynamics for trains and high-speed locomotives in the world.

During 30 years of activities, Simpro has increased and consolidated its international presencethrough worldwide production plants and branches located in Italy, USA, Brazil, India and China. It has successfully supplied more than 500 main installations for the major automotive and railway manufacturers worldwide.

Steffen Kösling

Sales Manager

Steffen Kösling